6 weeks to 17 months


Our program uses the HighScope curriculum where even our youngest learners feel safe and supported as they learn using their whole body and all 5 senses. In our infant classroom, our caregivers focus on developing supportive, trusting relationships with the children in their care. They create a rich environment that encourages very young children to explore and discover the world around them, helping them to engage in experiences designed to support their optimal development in all domains.

Our infant program provides our babies and their families with a warm, welcoming environment where your baby will receive the special attention they require. Our main goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and secure environment that will keep our babies happy and engaged. We personalize care for each infant based on his or her unique schedule, while fostering socialization with the other babies in the program.

Our infants are cared for by professionals who are friendly, nurturing and responsive to each infant’s unique needs. They provide an environment that is calm, soothing and happy and their daily needs are addressed with smiles and frequent eye contact. Loving interaction between baby and caregiver is given during diaper changes, feedings, rest time, and playtime.

We believe in daily communication so parents know how their child’s day went, feel comfortable sharing concerns, and hear about baby’s achievements. We value and respect parents as their children’s first teachers and encourage our caregivers to partner with parents in learning everything they can about their infants to better care for their needs and plan for their development. As a result, our program creates a strong three-way bond between child, parent, and caregiver.

Our infant program is the foundation of our program. This is the beginning of your babies pre-school memories as your child will develop the skills needed to move on to the next classroom.