18 months to 2.5 years


Our toddler program continues to use the HighScope model to build upon the skills acquired from the infant program. In this classroom, our toddlers learn by using hands-on exploration and social interactions in a safe, engaging environment to help them learn about his or her expanding world. Through the guidance of our child caregivers, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence, social skills, and self-confidence.

Our toddlers are introduced to a flexible routine that is adjusted to meet their needs and interests. Our schedule allows predictability and a feeling of security among the toddlers. The physical space is safe, flexible, and child-oriented in order to accommodate the changing developmental needs and interests of the earliest learners. The space is organized into play areas that serve the needs of our toddlers and is stocked with a variety of open-ended, sensory-motor materials that toddlers can reach, explore, and play within their own way at their own pace. With nurturing and responsive caregivers as a home base, our toddlers are free to move about, explore materials, exercise creativity, and solve problems.

Towards the middle of the year, we begin to transition the toddlers from bottles to sippy cups. They are encouraged to play cooperatively with their peers and the caregivers continuously praise and model appropriate behavior. The caregivers perform ongoing child and program assessments and their objective observations of the toddlers allow them to intentionally plan and build on individual and group interests and scaffold development by supporting what the toddlers know while gently extending their learning.